At Zuckerlwerkstatt, we produce handmade moments of happiness for kids and adults using centuries old recipes and only the best ingredients.

NEW: Love Edition 

Love is for sure the sweetest thing on earth. For this reason, we dedicated this edition to all the lovers outside. Beautiful love motifs and special flavors let you know that love is in the air....and in your mouth. Strawberry-rhubarb, orange-banana, pomegranate, Pina colada and grape fit perfectly to this red and pink edition. LET LOVE RULE!!!

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Whether it’s for your company or for a special occasion, we produce individual candies and single batches to meet any desire. Learn more here.

Branded Candy

Vienna Opera Ball 2019

Special occasions require special candy creations. We are very honored and proud to provide the women donates for the Opera Ball 2019. To this 150th anniversary of State Opera Vienna we created a very special edition to celebrate this occasion in a noble way. Not only the candies are masterpieces and wear Opera Ball motifs. Also the extravagant gift box is hand illustrated and tells its observer a lot about Vienna´s tradition in music and candycraft.

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the New York Times Magazine

  We are very honored and proud, that our candy was listed from the New York Times Magazine among the 33 most unique sweets worldwide. 

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Making high-quality candy doesn’t begin with production. Our dedication to quality starts with the sourcing of our ingredients and the selection of our packaging. Therefore, the vast majority of our raw materials comes from select suppliers from Austria. When it comes to the ingredients in our candy creations, we raise the bar even more. We are proud to have suppliers like JOSEF ZOTTERMANDLBERGGUT in Radstadt and KRÄUTERDORF IRSCHEN on board, delivering us the best and finest ingredients available every day. And it’s these ingredients that turn Zuckerlwerkstatt's creations into handmade moments of bliss.

Our philosophy

Our show manufactories


The two manufactories in Vienna and Salzburg produce their assortment directly in the shops several times a day where customers from all around the world can observe the amazing production process from the beginning to the very end. 

How to find us


If you can´t come to Zuckerlwerkstatt, we are happy to come to you. Visit our Webshop and order our candy online. We ship to Austria & Germany. In case you want to order from anywhere in the world, please contact us per email.



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