Most people bring back a slew of memories from their holidays. When Maria and Christian were traveling all the way up north of Europe, they discovered a small candy maker and have been inspired by the craft ever since. Seemingly over night, they both quit their day jobs as a lawyer and singer to pursue the sweet dream of making candies. Their goal was not only to give their candies the highest quality possible, but to enchant through their impressive appearance. Here in Austria, they learned the trade from the last masters of this Austrian tradition that had long since died out. At Zuckerlwerkstatt, candy types that had not been made in decades are handcrafted according to 150-year-old recipes with passion and a fine eye for detail.


This short film, that Servus TV made about us, does a great job of explaining why we do what we do. Sit back, relax and enjoy this little appetizer of what you can expect at our workshop.


Passion, pride and dedication are the main ingredients in all of our mini treats. We’re of the opinion that you’ll be able to taste our passion in every bite. Nothing is more rewarding for us than seeing the smiles on our customers’ faces light up when they watch us work or sample one of our creations.


Making high-quality sweets doesn’t begin with production. Our dedication to quality starts with the sourcing of our ingredients and the selection of our packaging. Therefore, the vast majority of our raw materials comes from select suppliers from Austria. When it comes to the ingredients in our candy creations, we raise the bar even more. We are proud to have suppliers JOSEF ZOTTER, MANDLBERGGUT in Radstadt and KRÄUTERDORF IRSCHEN on board, delivering us the best and finest ingredients available every day. And it’s these ingredients that turn Zuckerlwerkstatt’s creations into handmade moments of bliss.


Every day, we’re dedicated to creating the sweetest things in the world: Candies. It’s the passion for making all of our candies by hand that makes each of our candies unique.


It wasn’t just the culture and architecture that made Vienna and Salzburg famous, but also their century-old tradition of making sweets. Over 150 years ago, Austrian sugar makers began creating a variety of bonbons and candies. However, this trade died out in the middle of the 19th century and was soon forgotten.

Maria and Christian have brought this traditional practice back to life, reproducing these long-forgotten sweets using recipes from 1890.


When Maria and Christian decided to begin making candies, the biggest challenge was finding someone to teach them this traditional craft. They traveled the world far and wide in search of a candy master, only to find him in their home country of Austria. Fritz W. Heller, the last owner and operator of Vienna's legendary Heller Zuckerlfabrik, provided Maria and Christian the original catalogue and recipes that are used to produce every candy made today at the Zuckerlwerkstatt.


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